First Post


Christmas vacation went by in a matter of days. Then again, it really was just a matter of days. We had two weeks of vacation after an exam that lasted over a month and now it’s time to get back to work. I’m doing an internship at the moment and so far it’s been pretty great. Having just completed my 5th semester in engineering, I wish I knew more than I currently do but that’s the way this course works at my university. Nevertheless, I think I’m making decent progress up the steep learning curve I’ve been tasked to climb in a span of two weeks and I hope I manage to complete the project I’ve been given.

This blog is going to be a random collection of thoughts and events from my life. Perhaps I’ll talk about stuff I’m working on, maybe I’ll write a few book reviews or give you music recommendations. What exactly this turns out to be, you and I will find out together.


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